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Fully environmentally friendly biofuel without harmful impurities. Pellets burn long and evenly, without smoke and crackling, because it is very solid and dry material. After combustion, little ash is left, which facilitates their use in industry and at home.

Saving time and money

Pellet heating systems automatically add fuel. The owner has almost nothing to do. Equipment maintenance doesn't take much time. Heat transfer of pellets is 2 times higher than wood. It is very convenient to store granules, this does not require large areas.


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1. Applicationа

You apply for the required quantity of pellets on our site or by phone.

2. Contract

We will coordinate with you and sign a contract.

3. Payment

You can make a payment before the shipment by any convenient method.

4. Delivery

We deliver your order or you can collect it yourself.

5. give feedback

We will be very pleased to receive your feedback on our work and quality of products.

6. Reorder

We sure that you will like everything and re-order!

Certified Products

The quality of our products is confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 certificate and meets the international quality requirements of the International Organization for Standardization.

  • 1. We put our heart and soul into the production of the pellets.
  • 2. Top-quality goods are always available.
  • 3. Very good characteristics of the product in accordance with the standard.
  • 4. Delivery to any Russian region as well as abroad.
  • 5. Flexible pricing policy.
  • 6. You can order any packaging starting from one kilogram.
  • 7. Export





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